As I needed references to prove that I had experience and I was a person of trust, I called the house where I used to work to ask for references and if I could write their contact in the cv. Five of the women with children brought them to Spain once they were already settled, had a job and had a residence permit. The main topic of this years conference was ‘smart sustainability’. Research on transnational migration depicts new ways of migrating and integrating into the host society Kurekova, They also mentioned that if the Romanians from the second or third generation in Spain could not find a job, it is because Spanish people themselves cannot find a job.

Imagine that you involve yourself in something and there is an emergency, what do you do? Recent Developments and Outlook. The project coordinator co-hosted the event together with the GIZ German Corporation for International Cooperation and defined all relevant project milestones. Therefore, I had to negotiate with myself about certain values or points of views I realized I have on certain topics. Following Recchi and Favell , many Romanians work in Spain or Italy for several months in order to be able to stay at home. Oral narratives and life story interviews Throughout this research, the intention was not just to study the phenomena of skilled Romanian women and their further careers in the Spanish labour market but also of understanding the reasons of migrating, the process itself and its effects on the person.

My job was not that demanded anymore and my salary was reduced. According to Sciortino Five of the women with children brought them to Spain once they were already settled, had a job and had a residence permit. Therefore, the legal didsertation political context of Romanians in Spain at the EU level is going to be drawn.


Please consider the terms of application, which ends on the 15th of July The attending experts from science, business, politics, administration, cities and municipalities exchanged views on existing and possible mobility concepts as well as the necessary framework conditions.

The migratory project 4.

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You always need a lot of documents and papers to demonstrate what you are going through or what you dissertatiob. What have they studied? I am dead inside. However the informal work in the sector is difficult to estimate but the number is likely to be high.


On the other side due to having suffered work harassment. Like this I think it is better to maintain the working relations in this type oldehburg job. I have contributed for the social sas,ia like any other people. Life story interviews In this section, the profile and general characteristics of the life story participants are here presented.

The Romanian border experienced the first act of flexibility when the totalitarian communist regime collapsed at the end of the eighties.

Nonetheless, it is also important not to forget that either experts as well as all participants often mentioned that one of the most important barriers concerning the labour mobilities is the age.

Marjiana Morokvasic 1. These facts where the employers are trusting them their private properties, their children or their secrets are taken more as a friendly and familiar relation than as a working relation. That allows mind-changing experiences, which on short daskia long-term perspective enable people to contribute to sustainable change.

Andra explained that when she arrived in she felt quite lost and did not know how to proceed with the bureaucracy. The boss, the same one I had for the past three years, began to mistreat me psychologically.

Among other things, main topics, goals of the project and the further steps were discussed. Migration represents one of the most important forms through which borders and boundaries are being contested and transgressed Rouse In addition to the funding institutions, all East African partners attended the workshop.


For origin and receiving countries, the contribution of women migrants can quite literally transform quality of life. Nonetheless, neither such restrictions nor the economical crisis dissertwtion the number of Romanians coming to Spain.

dissertation saskia oldenburg

Here we have a lower status or lower job but we earn more here. Domestic work, care work and sex work are the main labour sectors where Romanian women immigrants in Spain work. The Romanian community is currently the second biggest foreign collective living in Spain with a total of This sector is the most feminized one in Spain which is generally considered as nonqualified and underpaid labours with poor conditions Peterson, She had a vocational dissertatjon certificate in tourism and hotel management and she started to work informally in Spain as dissertaton waitress.

— Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Either because of the irregular status or because of the specific working restrictions they faced in the EU, especially in Spain. Is it ok if I go to their places, if I get to know their families?

dissertation saskia oldenburg

We also contribute to a broad and strong German-African cooperation in various ways. The legal status irregularity or the working restrictions were the main factors that shaped their access into the labour market and the recognition of their qualifications and as individuals.