When I Am Asked. She was a finalist for the Best of the Net Anthology. I played well with others. Verses present a more adult perspective. You were silly like us; your gift survived it all: That was my initiation, and after 40 years in this house I know what time of day it is by the way the light slants.

Half Tame , by Roger Shattuck. Write a strong possible 1st question for your interview the one you will be conducting with an adult. It was easy to understand and not obscure as some interpretations tend to be. The message is obvious. In describing the important milestones of her personal journey, she does not get maudlin. Also, the people mentioned in these particular memories — parents, grandparents, teacher — are all adults. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Curriculum Vitae – Poem by Lisel Mueller

The daughter of teachers, her family was forced to flee the Nazi regime when Mueller was My mother told me the walls had ears. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The End of Science Fiction.

curriculum vitae by lisel mueller meaning

Registration Forgot your password? After so many years of the mother gone, the father had lived on. That makes sense, of course, because Germany, after the wars and The Berlin Wall, is a much different country.


The Poetry of the Vietnam War. You are commenting using curgiculum Twitter account. In verses 19 and 20, Liael describes how she has now passed into a different generation where she is older than everyone around her.

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Notify me of new posts via email. A Planting of Chivesby Gena Ford. The Poem of Love. Historical Museum, Manitoulin Island. The brilliant days and nights are breathless in their hurry. Satan Saysby Sharon Olds. Writing A Good Book Review. Include at least 10 line-items in your poem Due tomorrow! The first section of this book includes poems about her personal history, memories of the past, bg thoughts on existence and mortality.

Stones from the Rubbleby Marion Montgomery.

Weekend Poem: Curriculum Vitae by Lisel Mueller

But, perhaps, there is a fresh knowing in our bones of what matters in this world or a vitalized sense in our being of the current of life that still hums within and all around us. Found in the Cabbage Patch.

In Europe no one has had a private life not affected by history. Composed, produced, and remixed: Kali Yuga and Flesh: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.


Or did she mean that she tried to go back to some unfinished business from her childhood that was interrupted because of having to grow up quickly and escape from World War II? Contributor of critical essays to numerous journals. Not that we would really want to trade our quietly-passing meaningg relative terms days for the tumultuous unknowns that mark the ones of those passed. I stood at the door to my curridulum, but it was closed to the public. The Last Heroby Louis Coxe.

Curriculum Vitae Poem by Lisel Mueller – Poem Hunter Comments

The brilliant days and nights are breathless in their hurry. Why We Tell Stories.

curriculum vitae by lisel mueller meaning

When I Am Asked. There weren’t enough hours in the day to read. The poem shows us that, having got through those difficult times, it is possible to leave behind the darkness.

It is excess that tires in poetry: