He later received two infusions of Rasburicase at dose of 0. At each subsequent washout samples sent for microscopy, culture and sensitivity demonstrated growth of enterococcus faecalis alone which remained sensitive to both Amoxicillin and Vancomycin. A year-old right-handed male presented in our outpatient clinic with inability to extend his right long finger since 1 month ago. In the setting of gout however, the role of biofilm in treatment-resistant infection would be extrapolation of existing knowledge on biofilm, as no literature was identified that addresses the role of biofilm in gouty arthritis. Negative pressure wound therapy with instillation a pilot study describing a new method for treating infected wounds.

CT and MR imaging features in 20 patients. Monosodium urate crystal-induced prostaglandin synthesis in the rat subcutaneous air pouch. Clinical tests for torn ligaments were negative. Liver function test was also performed, and the results were unremarkable. This case series demonstrates that gout does not always cause severe joint pain from inflammatory arthritis, and atypical presentations of gouty tophi could mislead the diagnosis of mechanical symptoms such as tophus deposition of flexor tendon causing carpal tunnel syndrome, extensor tendon involvement mimicking tumor and preventing normal tendon excursion, and locking sensation initially suspected to be a meniscus tear or loose bodies of the knee. Gout can either manifest as acute arthritis or chronic arthropathy, which is also called tophaceous gout [ 1 , 2 , 5 ].

case study of tophaceous gout

Arthroscopic examination in our case revealed that both medial and lateral menisci were fully covered by MSU with tophus foreign bodies. These structures enable bacteria to survive at much higher concentrations of antibiotics [ 18 ]. Clinical tests for torn ligaments were negative. We report a rare case of a year-old white woman with a history of chronic gout and rheumatoid og who presented with intradermal tophaceous gout.


J Med Assoc Thai. Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by tophaceous gout: Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Disease can develop recurring arthritis attacks following asymptomatic intercritical episodes in the end chronic arthritis and tophaceous may develop.

Clinic symptoms may appear in patients who had untreated asymptomatic hyperuricemia for a long time. Support Center Support Center.

Chronic tophaceous gout presenting as acute arthritis during an acute illness: a case report

Korean J Intern Med. During the surgery, caze did not see any pedicle or communication with the elbow joint. It has been postulated that the negative pressure has a mechanical effect whereby it creates a strain on the biofilm and bacterial cell membranes which facilitates their breakdown.

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Bilateral Olecranon Tophaceous Gout Bursitis

Diagnosis and treatment of swellings in the hand. At that stage, we elected to treat him with a novel biologic therapy rasburicase – an intravenous Uricase enzyme to debulk his severe refractory chronic tophaceous gout.

On examination he was febrile, tachycardic and the knee was erythematous and swollen. The onset of gout was at age 17 and had been propagated by a long history of high alcohol consumption. Tophi as the initial manifestation of gout. The monosodium urate precipitate may be analogous to medical implants in the setting of infection and therefore as difficult to sterilise due to the biofilm principles of attachment and cell to cell adhesion demonstrated in implants [ 19 ].


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Incidence of blindness in a population of rheumatic patients treated with hydroxychloroquine. Radiological findings showed no significant changes. There was no recurrence or new lesion elsewhere Figure 1.

ACE inhibitor and beta blocker were started at that stage. Chronic gout and rheumatoid arthritis are common medical manifestations with debilitating effects on patients. He later received two infusions of Rasburicase at dose of 0. Two pieces of the specimens about 4. Every other day, wound care was done.

case study of tophaceous gout

A general anesthetic was administered, and extremities was prepped and draped in the usual sterile manner. She had decreased shortness of breath, fatigue, and joint pain, as well as improved but topbaceous completely resolved tophi lesions. This can cause substantial morbidity and despite having readily available therapies, Gout continues to pose a therapeutic challenge.

case study of tophaceous gout

In this case, the effects of untreated long-term gout were reduced mobility and aesthetic problems. However, gout may present clinically in an atypical, unusual, or confusing manner. On physical examination, the patient was noted as obese, alert and oriented, and in no acute distress. The predilections of this disease process are the feet, knees, hands, the cartilages of the ear, around the olecranon bursa, and the nose [ 1 ].