It was a fantastic experience and a great way to kick off my career in consulting. It is with a little trepidation and excitement that teams are proceeding in trying to define exactly what they hope to achieve with the Capstone project. The MBA Programme Office liaises with a diverse range of organisations to compile a selection of interesting, thought provoking and challenging projects that offer opportunities for personal and professional growth to our students. The delight of seeing all the class again, pride in myself and my classmates for achieving so much and most of all gratefulness for all the support I had throughout the past two and a half years. To my MBA colleagues, I am privileged to have undertaken this journey with you, to have learned from you, and to now count you as friends who I know I can call on as we all move forward in our respective careers and lives. Alpha-testing has now been carried out in a couple of bars in Dublin and a commercial launch is planned in the next couple of months.

Display an understanding of the latest business, social and technological trends from across the globe. The exact assessment strategy varies by module at the discretion of the faculty member delivering it. Positive Life Impact Firstly, I see the scholarship as a recognition and reward for hard work. We learned about the incredible technological advancements that were taking place around the world, that would hopefully help to create a sustainable future. Byrne says that new job opportunities that came up during the course of the year made it a tough decision to launch the start-up after the MBA.

On successful completion of the programme students should be able to: The MBA teaches you all the fundamentals of business management from corporate finance capstoone management accounting, organisational behaviour, strategy and negotiations.

After graduating, he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC as a management consultant. I wish you the best: I have also had the chance to tutor classes for the undergraduate commerce module where projectt all began for me.


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To projeft faculty and programme office at UCD Smurfit, on behalf of myself and my colleagues, thank you for doing your very best to look after us, to inspire us, and to challenge us. How will I learn?

capstone project ucd

It is with a little trepidation and excitement that teams are proceeding in trying to define exactly what they hope to achieve with the Capstone project.

I am going home in the next few weeks. We have more clarity now. From team building in a rainy field in Blackrock to Honda, Projecg Cola, Southwest Airlines, and GE, to karaoke in Tokyo, we have been on a roller coaster journey together. The pressure and intensity of the end of first semester exams seem like a distant memory after a long Christmas break.

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Participants travel to a host institution for project work such as data collection, sharing case studies, and networking as part of template of simple business plan global team. Articulate research questions; 2. I think the MBA really helps you to think about business at a higher level, to think more strategically and have more of a commercial focus.

It is an invaluable opportunity for students to gain experience in sectors that they may not have worked in prior to commencing the MBA. The Capstone Project has two components: A journey shared is all the sweeter, and the most enjoyable element of the last two years has been working with, and getting to know, such an exceptional bunch of people.

Published by jdowling on March 27, As noted already by Niall Twomey in his recent post, this is the semester that reflects your personal choices. Capstone Project By developing a solution to essay about soccer ball real problem faced by an organisation, students have the opportunity to improve their analytical, problem-solving and communication skills. The self-learning which comes through the leadership dimension of the MBA is one of the most valuable aspects of the course.


I equally treasured the time away from my little monsters where I could drink tea while still hot acknowledgement for postgraduate thesis converse regularly with adults. If you are considering an internship, you must carefully follow the MAT guidelines.

And figure it out later.

capstone project ucd

There are four more weeks to go and regardless of the fact that the workload is likely to get heavier, we are confident that we are on the right track and also have a lot of support from the company.

Statistics, programming and optimisation methods, as well as providing a broad framework for the field of business analytics gave great practical context to learnings.

It all ended with a hackathon-style presentation which meant very little sleep to get it all done on time. Semester 1 Exams Semester 1 exams are held in December. Your email address will not be published.

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The challenge this semester, I feel is to consolidate this new knowledge and integrate this into the remaining modules and the Capstone project in the summer. Receiving this scholarship is a culmination of long hours of work and commitment to receive a first-class honours which is a requirement.

As MBA participants we now move from being students, to in essence cheap labour, as we are offered out to companies to perform consulting projects.

Once this all wraps up in September I will again have to decide on my next career move. Outside influences Byrne says that learning has always been a key driver for him and that he has learned the most from the people he has worked with.