Salient clinical symptoms at disease onset were obtained through caregiver reports. Oxford University Press; None of the patients with an unchanged BVFTD classification had a family history of neurodegenerative disorder. The presence of memory issues, according to caregiver reports, was a strong predictor of an earlier assessment at the unit. Please review our privacy policy.

She regularly initiated conversations with strangers about sex, and also made sexual jokes in front of children. All patients were evaluated with a brief cognitive screening battery consisting of the mini-mental state examination MMSE , semantic category fluency for animals, and a picture drawing episodic memory test. Schizophrenia or frontotemporal dementia in a young Chinese female: Patients’ mean age was According to consensus diagnostic criteria 17 , delayed evaluation was defined as those participants in whom it took more than three years from symptoms onset to diagnosis.

bvftd case study

Most patients in this case series were evaluated in a specialized unit after almost six years from symptom onset and performed poorly on both cognitive screening tests and functional evaluation measures. Disinhibition A loss or lack of restraint based on social norms, leading to inappropriate behavior and impulsivity.

Research paper: Examining the language and behavioural profile in FTD and ALS-FTD

Episodic memory in frontotemporal dementia: Patients’ mean age was Eur Psychiatry ; Each PPA subtype has well-defined diagnostic criteria based on clinical and radiographic features. Social conceptual impairments in frontotemporal lobar degeneration with right bvftc temporal hypometabolism. Initial complaints in frontotemporal lobar degeneration.


bvftd case study

CSF biomarkers in frontotemporal lobar degeneration with known pathology. The PPA syndrome is subdivided into three main clinical subtypes: Neurobiol Aging ; It is also possible that carers of ALS-FTD under-report behavioural changes, ascribing them to an emotional response to a diagnosis of ALS, or to physical limitations caused by their illness. Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test: Psychiatric conditions that can mimic early behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia: Disinhibition, manifest by socially inappropriate behaviour, loss of manners or decorum and impulsivity, was more common in patients with bvFTD than in patients with ALS-FTD.

She repeatedly tried to kiss and hug the examiner.

Sexual arousals and urges towards his 9 year-old daughter. Our results indicate that the likelihood of progression may be determined during a routine neurologic consultation by means of a detailed clinical interview and examination and a brief test of global cognition.

Behavioral Variant FTD

Bilateral caudate head atrophy and frontal lobe atrophy; 8 months. Results A full list of test statistics and percentages of atudy in which each feature was present can be seen in tables 2 and 3.

Functional impairment was also salient, with moderate impairment in instrumental activities of daily living FAQ: This presentation studg been hypothesized to represent a decompensated developmental disorder in the Asperger-autism spectrum appearing in later life. We also estimated potential variables that might have been associated with delayed admission, by performing a stepwise logistic regression analysis.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Given the wide variety of functions ascribed to the cqse frontal and temporal lobes, it is perhaps not surprising that sporadic and hereditary forms of FTLD lead to such a varied spectrum of clinical manifestations.


Fifty-eight consecutive patients were followed up longitudinally from January 1,through December 31,and classified as having possible, probable, or definite BVFTD at presentation and latest review.

Examining the language and behavioural profile in FTD and ALS-FTD

The patient was 55 stuxy of age when she first came to our attention. The hallmarks of bvFTD are personality changes, apathy, and a progressive decline in socially appropriate behavior, judgment, self-control, and empathy.

Syntactic processing as a marker for cognitive impairment in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. There is also prominent atrophy of the mesial frontal lobes seen on axial T1 images Bas indicated by space between yellow arrowheads, compared to normal E.

What is BvFTD? (Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Degeneration) | AFTD

Patients’ clinical history suggested that the onset of disease was on average at Cognitive change in ALS: J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. This has implications for the described single continuum of disease. Epidemiology of early-onset dementia: