Will the military allow Mr Qarase back into Parliament? The other possibility is that Bainimarama was involved from the outset. In reply, the future prime minister Dr Timoci Bavadra immediately criticized Ratu Mara for raising the race issue. Firstly, Commodore Bainimarama and his senior military officers have executed a military coup, unlike where their actions had arisen from a civilian coup cum a deadly hostage crisis. In the FNP submitted that the chiefly system be abolished altogether.

There can be no room for rancour or bitterness and I would urge that you display goodwill to each other in the interest of our nation. Hence he concludes that cultivating cultural or ethnic cleavages for administration and politics should end. They think more in line with the groups of which they are chiefs rather than their own class’. Whose interest does the village bylaw serve? Dr Jona suggested Qarase’s name to Bainimarama. But the most vicious attack on the Indo-Fijian leaders was made in the Senate where one Fijian senator, Inoke Tabua, stoutly defended Ratu Mara, his paramount chief. In their pursuit for total and absolute control the chiefs, however, were also beginning to lay the foundation for their own gradual destruction for history, time, and the people were no longer totally on their side, not to mention the Colonial government.

The problem we have with these anti-Bainimarama group is that they lack information. They think more in line with the groups of which they are chiefs rather than their own class’. In a sombre tone, the President and Tui Lau, Ratu Mara asked why statements such as ‘don’t elect your chiefs but elect a commoner because its easier to deal with them’ were made to his people only.

I do not like the composition of the Great Council of Chiefs. On us is the duty of pointing out to them the right course.

Fiji Coupfourpointfive: Khaiyum’s thesis rubbishes military yet manages to win over junta dictator

We must now ensure a smooth transition to enable the kyaiyum government to settle quickly and get on with the important task of further developing our country. Strangely Rabuka, on becoming prime minister, himself began to invoke the ‘Melanesian’ model of achieved leadership against the ‘Polynesian’ model of ascribed leadership.


aiyaz khaiyum thesis

ohaiyum Shortly after the Alliance’s defeat, its most powerful arm, the Fijian Association, convened a meeting and passed a vote of no confidence in the new government. The defenders of the chiefs, on the other hand, have welcomed them as ‘boundary-keepers’ or mediators between different races who have used their authority and prestige, not to mention the strong theeis of coercion at their disposal, to stabilise crisis situations, and only to re-establish their chiefly control of Fiji.

Aiyaz sayed khaiyum thesis

Duncan, inwas not to be outdone: The WUF expressed surprise that some Fijians still felt so strongly about the last general election and dismissed as totally unfounded the allegations that the Fijians and their traditional systems had thereby been insulted.

Butadroka was quick to respond: For the next 33 days, the people of Fiji enjoyed their choice of government until Rabuka, with his ‘men on horseback’, came on the scene to proclaim: Could you possibly correct the link so we can all have a look at that piece of toilet paper thesis? Through the system of indirect rule, evolved by Lord Lugard in West Africa, and applied by his successors elsewhere, separate Fijian institutions were established to facilitate ruling them.

Your society still looks to you to deliver the goods-you are subjected to old pressures, and new ones. What is needed, as a first step is perhaps the re-appointment of the President to begin negotiations with the Commodore?

In other words, a chief is a chief because he or she is supposed to have some people to lead’. Solomon, told the Education Commission: He believed, ‘in bigger and brighter villages, with schools teaching, for the most part, agricultural subjects and handicraft rather than academic groundwork’.

Of the several factors that had compelled the Fijian chiefs to pass their country to the British Crown, one was the menacing threat from the restless white settlers. The Educated Fijian Commoner: And the consequence is that I am in the proud position to-night, as I shall presently show you, of being able to make him do anything I like. It is an absolutely free choice’.


aiyaz khaiyum thesis

As seen from the Fijian experience the continuation of separate indigenous Fijian administration has restricted the growth of a coherent national narrative, in politics, myth or ritual In fact most of them think that the people have nothing to do with their privileges and status.

Bloody bunch of thieves. Maybe it’s because of the Fijian culture that he is a big chief and because he was groomed well by the colonial government’. I do not want to make enemies but to a ‘Kai Lau’ like me, if someone is against my chief he is also against me and my family right to the grave.

While the traditionalists were advocating the retention of the old established order, Durutalo was calling upon the disgruntled Fijians, especially the Fijian commoners, to respond to the demands of practical politics, rather than surrender to the forces of khqiyum. BTW, nothing I mentioned here was not told or revealed before.

But it was a major concession to make. Only powerful chiefs in those days enjoyed on bokolas. While linking the programme with the Alliance’s involvement with the Carroll aiyxz, WUF’s general-secretary said, ‘Cannibalism was part of life in Fiji in the early days and we Fijians are descendants of cannibals.

But your people-such of them as are left-are mere bond servants. Hence, in some areas, a dreary negativism: Also, we must not forget that the so-called multi-party government was on the verge of collapse because of the differences between Mr Qarase and Mr Chaudhry.