Financial Aid and Scholarships. National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators. Excellence in Communications Awards Program. Study Abroad Courses If you studied abroad, indicate the courses you took as part of your institution’s study abroad program. Submit Letters to the Editor. Enter the course code. This change applies to students matriculating into the academic year.

About the Residents and Fellows Council. If your grades are listed as numbers e. Council of Development of Alumni Relations Professionals. Continue adding courses, as needed. Be sure to only select courses that are clearly identified as test credits on your transcript. Outstanding Advancement in Osteopathic Medical Education.

Overview of Osteopathic Medicine. If your grades are listed as numbers e. Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents.

Osteopathic Medical Education Wellness Initiatives. Society for Osteopathic Medical Educators. Submit a Grant Proposal. Development of Enduring Educational Materials. Use official copies of your transcripts. Council of Development of Alumni Relations Professionals. Osteopathic Medical Education Wellness Initiatives.

Faculty Development for Programs with Osteopathic Recognition. Osteopathic Medical Education in the United States. If you’re unsure, make your best guess; our team will help you if it doesn’t match.


AACOMAS Application Instructions and FAQs

Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine – Admissions Offices. DO Day of Compassion. Osteopathic Core Competencies for Medical Students.

aacomas future coursework

Council of Fiscal Officers. Osteopathic medical schools may continue recalculating and weighing applicant GPAs per their established admissions practices. Check the back of your transcript for a conversion ratio, which will say something like “1 unit is equivalent to 4 semester hours.

Updating Your AACOMAS Application/Academic Update – Liaison

Submit a Grant Proposal. Withdrawn courses, courses taken at different schools, aaacomas courses taken multiple times for new credit i. Motion Animations to Demonstrate Musculoskeletal Functioning. Conference Sessions – Day Three. Indicate if you took any honors courses, which are generally college or university courses taken at an honors level.

Updating Your AACOMAS Application/Academic Update

Osteopathic Medical Student Profiles. Department prefixes and course numbers must precisely match those on your transcripts. History of Osteopathic Medicine. Enter courses under the institution where you originally took the course, exactly as they appear on the original school’s transcript. If your futhre lists labs separately, you must list them as separate courses on your application as well. In the upcoming AACOMAS application cycle, applicants will continue to coursewori repeated courses during coursework entry, but they will no longer enter 0.


aacomas future coursework

Excellence in Communications Awards Recipients. This alerts the system that you aren’t required to enter a grade for this course. Resources for Medical Students. Effective May 1,applicants using guture application cycle Reapplicant feature in AACOMAS for matriculation into the academic year must adhere to the new policy. Recommended Books from Amazon.