159. The 6 Disciplines of Leadership with Hessel Kaastra

Hessel Kaastra is an experienced business leader working at LeasePlan, a leading global Car-as-a-Service company. He managed the start-up in Mexico from 2008 till 2013, and subsequently realized an ambitious global expansion strategy as a value stream leader and CEO of the group insurance company based in Ireland. More recently, he turned around the Austrian operations, returning the company to growth and profitability.

Prior to joining LeasePlan, he studied Aerospace Engineering, worked at Thales, a leading French defence & aerospace group, completed an MBA at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, and joined Bain & Company in Amsterdam, a strategy consultancy firm.

Hessel wrote the book, “The 6 Disciplines of Leadership – How to Run Your Company Like a Tight Ship” during the last winter when he was once again caught in lockdown due to Covid. The book is the product of self-reflection over his years as a CEO / Managing Director.

Running a company is a complex endeavour and requires taking many decisions every day. CEOs need to continuously trade-off if they will stand firm and exercise power, or if they will be flexible thereby changing and adapting. The solution to that dilemma is dependent on many factors and are explored in the book along 6 dimensions:

– Strategy
– P&L management
– Innovation & technology
– People & Performance
– Culture & teamwork
– Self-deployment

The 6 Disciplines of Leadership is a field guide for anyone who is running a company or aspires to run a company someday. It comprises very comprehensive and practical advice on how to handle various CEO challenges, supported by many examples taken from business life.

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