Increase their confidence, self-esteem and builds team work skills To employ the skills of problem solving, creativity and make knowledgeable decisions about dance To develop understanding and knowledge as well as critical skills for the analysis of choreography and performance within their own work and in professional repertoire Encourages a critical appreciation of dance and the social, political and cultural differences dance has positively contributed to society and the impact during historical times. Accurate reproduction of action and spatial content, with reference to the choreography and the characteristic features of the particular chosen dance. Spatial awareness, sensitivity, choreographic devices, group formations, focus between dancers, relationship to dance idea, safe practice, musicality, timing and the use of contact work. The Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls. PDF The students will study:

This subject offers students the opportunity to learn about those around us — the growth and development of the different life stages of humans and the many factors that affect these. Structuring and use of choreographic devices and principles. If you have any further questions about this course, to whom do I speak? The Academy seeks to ensure that its curriculum is delivered via well planned and engaging lessons which challenge all students whatever their ability or starting point. The students will have the opportunity to present their dances in the School Dance Show; furthermore, some students will be entered into regional Dance competitions.

I have included these Tutorial Videos that demonstrate the basic changes.

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Dance Analysis, Theory and practice Dance Journals will help them to begin understanding dance vocabulary and will broaden their appreciation and understanding for dance genres. New Version Introduction Video https: Students will also keep a logbook and parents can check their progress each term.


show my homework frances bardsley

Students follow the AQA syllabus. Geography or History or French or German Students study one of the following subjects: Homework Club Mondays and Wednesdays 3: Critical Appreciation of Dance Sign in to continue to Google Drive Enter your email.

Analysis and evaluation sshow bring about improvement during the progress of the piece. Graphic Products Triple Science Students study 2 options: Control your Google experience, Go to My Activity.

show my homework frances bardsley academy

Please be aware that this is mainly a design change so none of your log in details, information or web site links will be effected. Whilst there is an extensive suow of individual and small group withdrawal support, our curriculum is one which celebrates inclusion at all times.

show my homework frances bardsley academy

Dance Analysis, Theory and practice. A — structured questions 20 marks B — two essay questions 40 marks. Scores above 1, show that the school’s impact on its pupils’ achievements are better.

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Selection of dynamic content and its application to relationships where appropriate. Critical Appreciation of Dance Unit 2: Practical coursework — internally assessed 90 marks Two sections: Accurate description, evaluation and analysis of the features of two professional dance works.

StudentsStaffParents and Carers. Calendar Monthly view Term dates; Vacancies. Students are assessed each term to determine individual progress using Exam success criteria. Our aim at Broadwater School is to help each student to develop his or her full potential for learning. The Academy considers it critical that equal opportunities are promoted and realised at all levels of the curriculum and that this is integral to outstanding practice.

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You can check your browser and that it is up to date by using this link:. Overall communication of dance idea. Area of study includes: Revision sessions are held throughout the course of the year homewkrk external assessments.

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