Department of Defense , Rolls Royce Ltd. Managing a reliability program. It has been mostly applied in parts and assembly operations facilities. May 31, at 5: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coaching requires skills beyond problem solving.

Learn to enhance measurement systems to reveal additional contrasts. Viewing 23 posts – 1 through 23 of 23 total. Finish projects by establishing tolerances, applying solutions, tracking benefits and leveraging results. Ideal projects for this level, end of line test fails, scrap, re-work, yield and first-time throughput. We have written a number of articles explaining the logic and discipline of Y to X thinking. Our certification program helps our clients become self-sufficient so, as time goes by, they are less dependent on us.

What is The Shainin™ System?

Shainin concluded that, amongst the thousands of variables that could cause a change in the value of an output, one cause-effect relationship had to be stronger than solvkng others. Gryna, McGraw-Hill, section December 18, at 8: So, I am up for free training, always willing to learn new things.

Probably not but does that really matter. Analyze the results from statistically designed full factorial experiments.

shainin problem solving red x

Solve Defect problems using Concentration Diagrams. More importantly, probelm are seeing problems solved, that were not being solved with other methods. Print [ edit ] Acheson, J.


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Is there a repository of knowledge about Shainin System in addition to the mentioned book. If you have the Lean stuff in place I would just keep doing it and not talk about it. Grant Awardand the Shewhart Medal The effectiveness of his approach was demonstrated by zero failures in eleven prolem missions, six of which featured moon landings.

shainin problem solving red x

Confirm the Red X with confirmation tests and demonstrated system improvement. You must be logged rsd to reply to this topic. The effect of the Red X is then magnified by the square-root-of-the-sum-of-the-squares law, so,ving isolating the root cause. The belief that there are dominant causes of variation. Duncan, Quality Control and Industrial Statistics, 5th ed. A family of variation is a group of varying process inputs that act at the same location or in the same time span.

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In this case, a dominant cause is defined as a major contributor to the defects and something that must be remedied before there can be an adequate solution.

A special emphasis will be placed on strategies to deal with difficult malfunction failures as well as destructive event failures. JuranShainin turned to the world of consulting.

Establish realistic tolerances on two product features or two process parameters simultaneously. Mike, The 68rs is a Rally Sport Camaro with a They have their own proprietary methodology and tool kit for finding it and then for doing analysis and improvement. The RL soon became America’s most reliable space engine, at one point logging ignitions in space without a single failure.


We offer two certification training path: Search and you can find publications and learn about his insights.

In US industry had begun to focus on the war effort, and Shainin became a licensee coordinator responsible for helping new Hamilton Standard licensees solve problems. Immediate ROI for class and coaching. By the end of the war, Shainin was in charge of quality and reliability at Hamilton Standard, having gained national recognition for his invention of the Hamilton Standard Lot Plot. Understand the statistical principles underlying key Red X strategies and tools.

June 1, at 9: June 2, at 8: May 29, at 4: If possible, I would get that book and read up on the techniques before attending the courses.