Not knowing the actual location may be a red flag. This will help avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes. L1 Visa Business Plan. Our experience and expertise makes us the first choice for L1 visa applications. However, while the temptation may be strong to bolster this with unrealistic growth expectations to impress the immigration officer, this strategy is often the cause of rejections and denials. Financial projections and marketing analysis should also be done but not to the extent that it takes away from the portion of the business plan that describes how the L1 petitioner will make the company successful. You must prove that your company will be able to enter the U.

In the case of an L1B specialized knowledge worker, the business plan should cover why that specialized knowledge is critical to the success of the domestic operations of the business. It is completely acceptable to state that you will be setting up a new office with supporting systems as well as interviewing and hiring new people in the first year and then shifting to managing that personnel later on. However, this immigration plan should be created with the intention of highlighting the positive impact your company is projected to make in the U. Using our fulfillment example, perhaps that individual possesses a specialized knowledge on the construction of a unique piece of equipment and that specialized knowledge cannot easily be replicated. The similarity with H1 and E2 visas with the lack of those associated limitations also makes it at risk for abuse.

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Because the immigration officer will encounter your business summary first, it is important to make this part water-tight. It should be one page long and include the following items about both pan U. Regardless of L1A or L1B, Szmple is looking for someone that has worked for at least one year at a foreign office within the company and has done so in the same or similar capacity that they will be operating in the new domestic role. A diagram can be very helpful.

L1 Visa Business Plan Sample – Immigration Business Plan

In some circumstances, it is actually preferable to leave the company ownership or capitalization tables out completely. Essentially, what USCIS is looking for is executive control over major decisions for the fog operations or extensive managerial duties over people or contracts with little or no oversight from others.


Each successful business keeps close tabs on their competitors, and you should too. Again, like in the previous tip, it is important not to embellish these projections.

Using our fulfillment example again — the business location should samplee adequate assembly, storage, and shipping space for the construction and delivery of physical goods.

If you are running a successful business, particularly one that you have built yourself, there is a good chance that you like to try and do things for yourself.

L1 Visa Business Plan

How Our Immigration Attorneys Can Help If you are interested in petitioning for an L1 visa, then the only thing more important than having a solid L1s business plan is having an experienced immigration lawyer helping you. However, they are a good place to start so that you are properly prepared when you meet with your L1 business plan expert for the first time.

Once your professional plan writer gets started, you will then have the knowledge and the evidence to answer any queries they have. This is a chance to really show how the knowledge is specialized and cannot be easily replicated or replaced.

If the petitioner will be a vital part of a new domestic office for the foreign company, a good marketing analysis is a requirement.

Because of that, having an L1 business plan is invaluable and often necessary to gain approval. Consider it a bonus. This will help avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.

L1 Business Plan | The Complete Guide: 7 Helpful Tips for a Solid Case

A chart showing the organizational hierarchy within the foreign branch and another chart showing the expected hierarchy in the U. At the end of the day, the immigration officer needs to be relatively certain that your business and proposed growth will be a valuable asset to both the U. Like many different types of visas offered by busihess U.

sample business plan for l1a visa

It should be obvious that the business location is in the United States. L1 Background If you are a foreign professional or business owner who is in the market for a visa, then you have several options to choose from. Or rather, have the immigration officer understand the market.


A majority of this information is applicable to all L1s, but important distinctions will be made for the L1A and L1B where appropriate. After a brief consultation with Jason and going through only a small editing process the new business plan that was prepared by Jason resulted in a successful L-1 visa application.

L1 Visa page to learn l1aa about each particular visa. Your best chance of success will come from ensuring that you meet the requirements, working with an experienced immigration attorney, and providing a business plan that supports the petition with the necessary evidence. A sample document could also highlight areas where you may experience difficulties over the course of the application, and give you time to rectify these before you hand in your documentation.

For example, if they manage a fulfillment team, the plan should cover how that team works and how it is vital to the success of the company. How can someone show managerial or executive duties over a location or people that do not exist? So without further ado, here are seven helpful tips for developing an effective L1 business plan.

These employees can be fisaexecutives, or employees with specialized knowledge. However, that does not mean that you should sit back and not get involved at all. One of the great things about an L-1 Visa is that you flr also allowed to bring over fog spouse and any children that you have.

sample business plan for l1a visa

When it comes to your L-1 immigration business plan, you want to leave absolutely no stone unturned and engage the services of a company that specializes in writing these business plans. After all, moving to a new country is hard enough.

sample business plan for l1a visa