The Japanese Mastery of Line: Then write this up in a way someone who is in a related field but not an expert can understand. Your Research Program Plan is a strategy, not a concrete plan. It is an example of what would lead to direct rejection. What problems will it help solve?

Thank you so much for your articles! Every time I write a comment, I feel the need to thank you profusely for all your help and effort. The more the better. I have been selected in the preliminary screening for MEXT scholarship and now they asked for a research proposal. Here are some points to understand about the research proposal.

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Research Proposal

Make them read your scholrship. I am a Composer, so i may enroll in japanese traditional arts as well. Do i have to write the university asking for a list or something? Yes, I am in contact with a japanese professor that have accepted me to work in his lab.

Topic 5. How to write good Research Proposal – Mextipedia

I gave researfh MEXT interview tips in a previous post. So in this case, I think that contacting directly to the university is the best solution.

This post is mostly about my personal experience. Therefore, you can do accounting research while you want to apply to MBA. Detailed explanations of the steps you will go through in your research program 2 years for Masters, 3 for PhD.


mext scholarship research proposal sample

Should I choose a non-regular course student or doctorate student? What will be improved or changed as a result of the proposed research? In the long term, you should make an effort to learn Japanese if you plan to live here.

What suggestions for subsequent research could arise from the potential outcomes of the study?

mext scholarship research proposal sample

I will also use this time to research extracurricular study opportunities in the community surrounding my university. Is there any way you could share the exact guidelines they sent you or the prooposal Well it’s Golden Week here so finally I have a proposak The former depends to some extent on the university. How to Prepare a Research Proposal: If you have any query please feel free to comment here, any of our admin will try to help you.

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If you are signed up for my mailing list, I will let you know as soon as the article is updated! If it rresearch some random person online, you can ignore them. Many did, and it was never a problem for us!

You dismissed this ad. Wish I saw this before I applied myself: Thank you for your feedback!


Thanks for making this guide. Feel free to change it to a reasonable Times New Roman 12 pt. I want to congratulate you because yes throught this type of work you are helping on the international relationship between Japan and other cultures. I have never heard of those documents being part of the MEXT scholarship application, so it must be something that particular university is asking for for their own admissions.

I am not sure if I missed it.

mext scholarship research proposal sample

This question previously only existed in the Field of Study and Research Program Plan format for the Embassy-recommended application process, but was ,ext to the form for the University-recommended MEXT application process in English is normally optional for native speakers. It found this proposal on the web and anonymized it.

My question was that I have no idea about research plan so if you guide me.