Imran Khan has been copying Tahrir Square model protest from Egypt as advised by his support fro JI, but it was a failure as things in Egypt were against a dictator ruling for 20 years, in Pakistan Imran Khan came into lime light by same elections Nawaz Shareef won recently. If there was some moment and method that could resolve this issue peacefully, it has come and gone. This serves as a great blow to the agrarian economy of the country. Indian markets cheer Modi’s likely return to power. Saad Rasool November 26,

That is why IK is still on right It is being felt by most people that the sit-in has stretched too far and that life is being compromised. Published in Dawn, January 1st, While one does not have a correct estimate of the economic losses to the state the adverse political fallout of dharnas was quite substantial. How far are we going to stretch our luck in issues of key significance?

In the meanwhile people were sitting in dharna and Imran Khans family was looking for his new wife. What IK has done in recent months in dharna is outstanding courage, potential, commitment and marvelous leadership qualities when he ended his do or die adventure on the sake of country,s urgent problem. In the circumstances, saner heads must find a way essat resolve this conflict peacefully. A useful debate has also started on the rights of the people whose interests are adversely affected by the protesters or by official measures for dealing with them.

It is obvious that Pakistan will lose one of its biggest achievements of the decade due to the non seriousness of political parties.

Dharna and operation

At this point in time it is demanded from us to be sensible and believe that the politics of disobedience will earn us no respect.


The military establishment played its cards well and perhaps gained more than it might have done by pushing the government over the brink. Qadri, who woke up the people with speeches and dharna, I want to see how long Nawaz Essa will be able to last his presidency. Country facing economic crisis temporary: May 17, Anti-encroachment operation begins in Mirpurkhas.

Parliament has again been forgotten and there is no sign of improvement or change in the style of governance. May 20, Six held in search operation. The container dharna reinforced the model of elite-dictated discourse.

They local govt elections should work as political nurseries acting as training and nurturing facilities for them. The latter tried to meet the challenge with two arguments.

This slogan will find no opposition. They have explained why such street demands cannot be allowed to affect the democratic governance model, or individuals within the Cabinet. But they need freedom from cultism and aggressive manners, and training in sustained political work as opposed to narrow electoral campaigning before they can qualify as agents of any meaningful change. It is a larger question of who PM okays appointment of 18 ambassadors.

essay on dharna in pakistan

How far are we going to stretch our luck in issues of key significance? According to him, diplomatic channels and officials of the two countries had done a lot of preparation for a positive and concrete outcome to the visit. Secondly, the dharna triggered a wider debate on the right to protest. Pwkistan such a well-funded and well-backed agitation did not achieve its declared objective then the message to future change-makers is not very encouraging.

It must be dharns here that textile exporters in particular have expressed serious concerns lately.


essay on dharna in pakistan

Govt working on new petroleum policy offering incentives to foreign exploration: The new Pakistani version of the dharna, better identified as container dharna, appeared in when Maulana Tahirul Qadri drove to Islamabad to challenge the government and failed. Also, China terms Pakistan as its largest investment destination in South Asia and will remain so in the years to come.

While both Qadri and Imran Khan often correctly identified the failures of the government and the flaws in the system as a whole, they could not guide the people in their search for credible alternatives.

There were three leaders I remember, who wake up the people. This is the only way that leadership of our religious political parties, and in particular the likes of Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, will be made to answer and justify their position on the issue.

Impact of dharnas on economy and foreign relations | Pakistan Today

By setting this precedent, would we not be inviting, and sanctifying, future would-be-saviors to gather their supporters in our streets, demanding an imposition of their preferred legal regime? But the government does not appear to have any patience for learning. Why would the Australian team visit Gallipoli for inspiration?

The ongoing dharna, being led by Barailvi clerics without much physical support, for now, from other Sunni outfitsthreatens to create a fissure within pakixtan Sunni ranks and their ulema. For instance, the prime minister discovered parliament.