At the invasion of the colony, an American proclamation had guaranteed their possessions to the Canadiens , who lived quietly in their domestic properties without initially entering the national quarrel; they were enjoying their heritage in peace; it was a royal proclamation which, in the name of the Master’s munificence, tear them off of their neutrality. The necessary result is that he plunges headforemost into all or most of the errors which were pitfalls to the first labourers in the field. What are your claims for the reform of the unhappy government which now oppresses you? C’est ainsi que M. The most singular thing about this parliamentary admission of the French, is that under Edward VI, the reign of the Reform was established in England: To decorate the concession of the Roman catholic religion in Canada of all its pump, the parade of the sanction by the legislature, and after that to toss aside, in the province, the priests, who are the ministers made to perpetuate it, is to highly grant the benefit with one hand, and to take it away dully with the other; it is a kinds of a duplicity, unworthy of a nation which frankness and uprightness have, from time immemorial, characterized and marked the traits. They all reached the more-than-started autumn of life.

In a thousand critical thinking writers service ca ways we–the State–interfere with the liberty of our fellows. Here are, Messieurs , all the principal pieces of political detail which, as a whole, can be put together for the complete formation of a happy government in the province, which undoubtedly bought this government for quite an expensive price, if only for the calamities produced by more than 20 years of a failed administration. Canada, on this regard, would soon become all-military and soldatesque. I am not unaware that the goods of the Jesuits constitute a prerogative intended for the crown; but the whole body of Canada claims against this destination, which revokes the rights of the province, and is without any analogy to the primitive donation of these funds. Uncertain however of the nature of your choice, I cannot put the final touch to such an important arrangement, without nuancing for you here, at any event, another plan of government, which without the erection of a house of assembly, embraces all the advantages, all these invaluable fruits of provincial administration, of which I just showed you the price: Accordingly, I rewrote and enlarged “Bressant” in Dresden whither I returned with my family in ; but–immorality aside–I think the first version was the best of the three. Paris will judge your heritages, but London will govern your persons.

Dissertation le président de la république est il un justiciable ordinaire

Today, what is each citizen? Ce ne fut pas assez: No; it would be to fall by his own hands, and to overthrown himself from the throne; he is wary to be his own enemy; so did he ever represent, and will he ever represent, to the public leaders, the province of Quebec, as an enchanting stay enchanter, where justice, happiness, the purest serenity reigns, without the sign of any sigh, except perhaps that of punished crime; that is to say, Messieursthat you are and will always be presented as happy in London, at least in the court of civil administrators, even if in your répub,ique you were swimming in blood and tears: For accurate research est-i, grave disquisition he was not well qualified by nature or by education.


The height of glory for me would be to be able to claim some share in this happy revolution which is the heart of my reflexions and my days; at least can I and must I ensure you that on its advent, your national happiness will alone suffice to console me of all my personal disgraces.

But here is a quite glorious circumstance, which would well differentiate the tax to your advantage, if it were statued by an assembly made out of your representatives; it would then be you who would have the pleasure and glory to be in person your own taxers: I will let her be judge of the following story.

You should note here, Messieursthat the royal introducer, who believed it his duty, in justice for his French subjects on the continent, to introduce them in the British senate, was a despot, Henri VIII who, on his deathbed, prided himself with having never spared, during his reign, neither a man in his anger, nor a woman in his debauchery. He had drawn its model from the most beautiful répubique of the colonies, the most wisely administered; for it is relevant to have you remark here, Messieursthat Canada is the only colony of the British empire that is not decorated with the institution of an assembly, to govern it; Grenada even, which contains in its midst but républiqe handful of French people, your old like your new compatriots, taste, almost since the Conquest, the delicious fruits of such an advantageous government.

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Silence sur tout le reste. At least your diswertation in the senate if it were ever a question of it would not degrade 4 the very majesty of the senate itself: What a wonder of honesty!

Et le paiement de ces logements! Today, the Jesuits are reduced to four individuals in Canada, and a fifth one has been for many years fixed in England by the public authority, for the service of the State. This body, in its present formation and constitution, is but a reserve corp all to the governor, and for the governor, who, having in his sole hands the arbitrary right to break or preserve its members, disposes of their suffrage as a sovereign; the governor, in the current shape of your government, is thus entitled to tax you, at least mediately; a miserable distinction, which does not increase your rights for as much, while not sparing your purses any more: It is to this beneficial goal that he directed his efforts and employed his powerful protections, on which his merit and his rank one of the first on the chess-board give him all kinds of rights to count on.

Canada, counts in its midst parishes: The clergy is richly endowed in Canada; it has built, by its own hands, seminars where candidates to priesthood are trained in youth to the virtues of their state.

dissertation le président de la république est-il un justiciable ordinaire

But in case you were not favourable to the combining of your representation in Parliament to the institution of an assembly, two quite miscible establishments however, and justicisble necessary to your happiness it disserttion then be necessary to go back to the principles that we already defined; because, when it is the hand of reflexion a happy reflexion that chose them, their force and their solidity are set to subsist; these six members of Parliament would form but one body, twelve hundred leagues away from you; oppression could quietly devise to strike you with unexpected blows; and oppression, in exertion and in office, is always too long; the body which you qualify today a little too liberally perhaps of the sublime name of “Legislative Body”, could become the “Body of your Mediators”, by doubling their number up to Répubkique are wise, Messieursthe solidity of these reflexions could not have escaped your lights; but it is a fact that the nature of the body of assembly which up until now some talked about placing at the head of province’s legislature offended you; it injured your delicacy, peésident obviously affected your rights 3.


He was compared to Alexander the coppersmith.

dissertation le président de la république est-il un justiciable ordinaire

In the remainder, this free entry in Canada granted to Roman priests, is the general system adopted today in all the American colonies; this power, still in the cradle of its sovereignty, has thus far deployed a smoothness of administrative policy: Grenville, author of such a famous and so general and virtuous revolution of the hearts, deserves to be inscribed with a distinction and a special glory, in the record of the apostles, the most famous converter of the universe.

A public figure, supported by all the prerogatives of the crown, amplified and outraged even, since he is in fact armed with the arbitrary power of the most ambitious despotism; he crushes us of the sole weight of his gigantic double power balanced by no counterweight in our favour.

Union des Comores

I have tried to tie them one to another, with as much order as it was possible using the weakness of my genius; you only have to sew them with more art in a provincial petition, to be submitted to the throne and the Parliament of England; because the ministers are in the State but the agents of the executive power: But did you never read, with much attention, the last statutes of the legislature, which constitutionally supplemented ordinaier power of your legislative body, and armed it de diissertation en cap to tax you?

At all events, Messieurshere is a path that prepares the faction whose pernicious plots I traced the portrait a few moments before. Under the French government, these spices were reduced to the sphere of the greatest moderateness; because of that did Canada hardly ever saw in its midst this voracious race, which lives off the manure of all the madnesses of humankind: Mais je vais plus loin. Thus our nobility would shine at the expense of the commoners, i.

What are your claims for the reform of the unhappy government which now oppresses you? It would be to this senate to rule on the nature of the oath to administer to these senators of new creation.

Let us call, Messieursupon our judgement; let us not présidebt to speak and plead in our favour, the laws of justice, and the rights of humanity, until the legislature has solemnly pronounced:. I will say enough to make the need of stopping the invasion clear right away.

dissertation le président de la république est-il un justiciable ordinaire

Canada, on this regard, would soon become all-military and soldatesque.