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The Notion of “Baroque”: Polemical Debate and Political Issues in France

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The Notion of “Baroque”: Polemical Debate and Political Issues in France | ENBaCH

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dissertation baroque classicisme

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dissertation baroque classicisme

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Nietzsche beyond good and evil essay

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The architecture, arts, paintings of that old times expressed an ideal of blooming which was all the more freely expressed that it only concerned a minority of people. At the beginning ofWalter Benjamin wrote “Working as an Historian does not mean knowing ‘how things did really happened’; it means grasping a souvenir at it arises as the very moment of the danger, [it means] holding back the image of the past that presents itself unexpectedly to the historical subject at the very moment of danger”.

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However it was not “classicism” as a period of Italian, French or German intellectual, literary or artistic period but “classicism” as a critical value built up from the ideas of harmony and transhistoricity of what is beautiful and good.