During the database failovers, the preferred database is not activated, causing an unexpected distribution of active databases. The Exchange Server environment has the following configurations: You discover that DB1 does not mount on EX2. Database1 will contain two tables named Orders and OrderDetails. You enable auditing for all of the mailboxes. Database developers report that there are many deadlocks. To answer, move the four appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.

Biological and epidemiological studies provide support for an association of T. Table1 will have less than one million rows. Modify an organization relationship. Problem Statements Trey Research identifies the following issues: To answer, select the appropriate directory in the answer area.

Add a column to the Classifications table to track the status of each classification. Carbohydrate-containing fractions were further fractionated by high performance liquid chromatography on porous graphitic carbon as previously described Jones et al. Modify the list of source bridgehead servers of External2.

A dial plan TB B.

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After Table1 is created, the reporting process reads data from a table in the Products database and searches for information in Table1 based on input from the Products table. All of the traffic from Subnet1 is routable to Subnet3.


Run the set-transportconfig -tlsreceivedomainsecurelist tailspintoys.

datum case study 70-467

The O-glycan chains Fig. An administrator recently performed some configuration changes.

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All users are in a universal security group based on their department. Trey Research has a Lync Server infrastructure.

datum case study 70-467

You need to ensure that all voice mail sent to the existing extension of a user is delivered to the user’s mailbox. You will create ProductsCert in master. The organization contains four mailbox databases. You plan to create a stored procedure that will insert rows into three different tables.

Currently, there is no trust relationship between the Active Directory forests of Woodgrove Bank and Contoso. You are designing a SQL Server database named DB1 that will be used to receive, process, and securely store the invoice data.

Create a remote domain. Run the Add-AvailabilityAddressSpace cmdlet.

datum case study 70-467

Design Requirements Data Recovery You must be able to recover data from the Inventory database if a storage failure occurs. The certificate in the trust relationship expires soon. Which three actions should you perform in sequence?

All database files will be stored in a highly available SAN. Fabrikam has an Exchange Server organization. How should you configure the database availability groups DAGs? Import Stkdy During the monthly import process, database administrators receive many supports call from users who report that they cannot access the supplier data. All of the traffic from Subnet2 is routable to Subnet4.


Each office contains a data center: You need to prepare the environment for the planned implementation. Which tool should you use? You need to ensure that User1 can run sp1.

During the database failovers, the preferred database is not activated, causing an unexpected distribution of active databases. Modify the preference value of the fabrikam. Set-mailboxserver-identity ex6 autodatabasemountdial bestavailability C. With what should you recommend replacing Table1? Each port or ports may be used once, more than once, or not at all. The nested stored procedures are never datim directly.