August 21, at 2: Tim never spoke to the class once. Complete work on Helena’s Soliloquy. Did you reach the goal for today? Some students looked back at me and looked like they were going to physically remove me from the classroom.

Also, begin looking for a piece of popular culture that contains at least 3 literary devices. I’m also happy to offer suggestions for books. Granted, his feelings were hurt from being voted out, but then he took out his phone, talked loudly to other students while the leader was listening to suggestions, and refused to vote on rules. Become a Patron at Patreon. He had the opportunity to decide if he wanted to be shaped by power, or if he wanted to use his natural leadership for good. Instead of speaking to the class, he asked another student to come up with him. Finish your notes for the Children’s Book Project.

Anyway, Animal Farm and which I read that year of course were formative for me. I reassured both boys that I thought they were wonderful people and that I believed in them. Click on image for a digital copy. I s it a sentence? The young fogey says: November 15, at 9: He spoke to this other boy, who then spoke to the class. Do you assign a writing reflection or is it pure discussion? Fill in the survey in Google Classroom before next Thursday.


You must do at least one. Finish your notes for the Children’s Book Project.

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I have freshman honors students, and they behaved similarly to what you describe in hpmework experience with honors elections, scrambling for power, etc. July 29, at 2: Read and annotate “The Scarlet Ibis” and annotate.

They have figured out what it takes to make it in their chosen field and have shared it on this podcast. I was ready to tell them they failed the experiment; instead, I asked them what they thought about it. It is an eye-opening experience for me, and a day that stays with my students forever.

Quick question, is the writing packet something you can share with me? I would love your thoughts. Bring in your annotated script, props, and costumes for class. When I wrote the instructions on the board, he knew what I was doing instantly. Answer the question in Google Classroom.

animal farm takeaway homework

The Drunken Odyssey Nicholas Wang nicwn says: The final draft is due Tuesday. All text and images should be complete so you can revise and move all of the elements into Book Creator on Wednesday.

animal farm takeaway homework

All In with Pauline Hawkins features guests who have put their chips in the center of the table—risking it all—to pursue their goals and dreams. Below is how you will be scored. takeaaay


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January 27, at 4: Final draft of the literary analysis paragraph on mood “The Man in the Black Suit” is due. Ironically, this great lesson has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the students. I only let it go on for one class period, which was a 90 minute block. They thought if the experiment continued, they could have assigned positions to all the leaders according to their strengths.


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Did you run this social experiment towards the beginning of the novel or at the end after students had completed reading? Make sure you include references to the text and all three literary devices in your answer. There yomework no objections; there were no abstainers. Work on your project for 20 minutes.